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Scents and Sensibility: How Biology Perceives Chemistry. Frontiers in Open Science. 2015.

H2O, murkier than you thought. Science. 2014.

Certainly Not! Nautilus Magazine. 2013.

Letter to the Editor, The Economist. 2013.

We Need a Crash Course in Citizen Science. The Huffington Post. 2012.

Doubt is Good for Science, But Bad for PR. Wired Magazine. 2012.

What Science Wants to Know. Scientific American. 2012.

Embracing Ignorance. The New York Times. 2012.

“Roots of Origin” Review. Science Magazine. 2012.

Scientific Tide on New Wave Stages. Science Magazine. 2010.

A Sharp Look at Stories of Smell. Science Magazine. 2008.

Experimental Theatre. Nature. 2006.